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Bikini Line and Brazilian Hair Removal

Bikini Line and Brazilian Hair Removal


Many women opt for bikini line and Brazilian-related hair removal treatments.

With these treatments, there are many different options depending on the amount of hair you want removed, and the design and style that you are interested in.

Bikini Line and Extended Bikini Line

As the name would imply, a bikini line hair removal treatment covers hair up to around an inch away from the margins in the immediate swimsuit area.

An extended bikini line covers hair beyond this lateral area, but also the hair above the bikini line.

Brazilian hair removal

Brazilian hair removal is a popular term to describe the removal of all pubic hair, including the peri-rectal region.

Brazilian hair removal can also involve unique shaping, styles, or patterns - for patients that wish to leave "a little something" behind. Linear bands, heart shapes, very small triangles and other patterns can typically be accommodated.

Consult a qualified San Diego doctor to find out if laser hair removal is right for you.

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