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Abdominal and Chest Hair Removal

Abdominal and Chest Hair Removal


Many men have copious hair on their chest and abs, which they would like to eliminate, reduce, or sculpt in a pattern which embellishes the appearance of their muscles.

Chest hair removal

Laser hair removal in the chest region can be performed in a sculptural manner, to exaggerate and enhance the appearance of the pectoral muscles.

For men who are proud of their muscular body (such as athletes, swimmers, and bodybuilders) chest hair can be removed near-completely.

Abdominal hair removal

Hair on the abdominal wall can be reduced in a selective pattern ("sculpted") which better defines the abdominal muscles, or "six-pack".

The abdominal wall can also be lasered in a v-shape, or tapered manner. This creates somewhat of an optical illusion, which exaggerates the natural taper of a man's contour - with a broader distribution of hair in the chest region, and tapering down toward the lower abdomen, to create a more flattering, younger-appearing contour.

Consult a qualified San Diego doctor to find out if laser hair removal is right for you.

San Diego Laser Hair
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