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Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Cost of Laser Hair Removal


How much does laser hair removal cost? Here is some consumer information for you, as you are evaluating and comparing the cost of laser hair removal treatments.

  1. Your total cost is dependent on the total number of treatments required for the desired results.
    For example, if hair reduction is the goal, it may only take 1 or 2 treatments to reduce the desired amount of hair. If hair removal is the goal, it typically takes 3-5 treatments per area, depending on the area.
  2. The number of treatments necessary are also dependent on you.
    Other variables must also be taken into account include the amount of hair, hair density, hair coarseness, hair color, skin tone, patient size, genetics, and hormonal status.)
  3. Cost ranges in relation to the area that laser hair removal is performed on.
    For example, a chin treatment may cost as little as $75-$80 per treatment, whereas a full male back may be $300-$400 per treatment.
  4. An initial consultation is necessary to give accurate quotes.
    Consultations should most likely always be free. While price ranges can be given over the phone in some cases, accurate quotes for long-term treatment typically require an in-person consultation.
  5. Discounts are usually available.
    Ask your hair removal business if they offer any discounts for customers that have multiple area treatments, members of the military, law enforcement agencies, and firefighters.

Also visit our table which compares different hair removal options.

Consult a qualified San Diego doctor to find out if laser hair removal is right for you.

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