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Hair Removal Comparison

Hair Removal Comparison

This comparison table was prepared by San Diego's Dr. Gerber to help the consumer see the qualitative differences between different hair removal options, so that the benefits and limitations of laser hair removal can be weighed accordingly.

Aspect Shaving Electrolysis Waxing Laser Hair Removal
How long will the hair removal last? 1-2 days. Long term, nearly permanent. 2-4 weeks between appointments. Long term, nearly permanent.
Relative cost? Cost of razors, shaving cream, time consuming. Very expensive, very time consuming, one-by-one treatment produces long-term costs. Moderate per treatment, but recurrent treatments produce high long-term costs. Moderately costly per session, but most cost effective method over long term.
Number of hairs removed per treatment? Large area. Few, hair-by-hair. Moderately large area depending on tolerance for discomfort. Large area.
Time required for each treatment? 5-20 minutes, every 1 or 2 days. 1-2 hours per treatment, with many, many treatments required. 10 minutes to 1 hour. Every few weeks. 30-90 minutes per treatment. 3-5 treatments typically required for near total hair removal.
Recurring hair growth? Always. Minimal. Nearly always. Negligible.
Stubble? Severe. Stiff and sharp. Little or none. Soft, tapered hair re-growth. None.
Size of area treated per session? As much as desired. Small area (one follicle at a time). Moderate. Time consuming. Large areas.
Discomfort? None, if no cuts. Very painful. Moderately painful. Mild-moderate discomfort, reduced by topical anesthesia.
Color of hair that can be treated? All. All. All. Dark hair. (Not effective for blonde, white, or gray hair.)
Typical complications? Potential for razor cuts, ingrown hairs, foliculitis. Potential for infection. Requires sterile needles to preclude spread of HIV, etc. Potential wax burns, inflammation. Potential for mild bruising and burns.

Consult a qualified San Diego doctor to find out if laser hair removal is right for you.

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