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Laser Hair Removal Information

Laser Hair Removal Information

Interested in laser hair removal, but simply want to know more about it first?

An actual laser hair removal device.

The easiest way to find out more about laser hair removal is to call a qualified laser hair removal center, and arrange for a free, confidential appointment.

Doctors that do laser hair removal treatments can answer all your questions personally, and help you decide if laser hair removal is right for you.

Realistic Expectations

Contrary to popular belief and the marketing of many laser hair removal businesses, laser hair removal does not permanently eliminate unwanted body hair.

Most doctors use the word “permanent” guardedly, and recognize that in most patients, the possibility for a small number of dormant hair follicles to “re-awaken” is always there. Occaisionally it is necessary for patients to come in for follow up treatments to treat the small amounts of "re-awakened" hair.

This section provides information about laser hair removal:

Hair Removal Comparison
Compare and contrast the benefits of laser hair removal against shaving, waxing, and electrolysis.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal
The cost of laser hair removal is largely dependent on the treatment(s) you want, whether you want hair reduction or elimination, and more.

Laser Hair Removal Photos
Before and after photos of laser hair removal treatments on various body areas.

Discounts and Specials
Many laser centers offer various discounts. This page describes some of common specials to ask about.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL)
Improves the appearance of photo-aged skin, vascular lesions, broken capillaries, chronic solar damage, uneven pigmentation, Rosacea, superficial wrinkles, Port Wine Stains, and many other congenital or acquired skin conditions.

Consult a qualified San Diego doctor to find out if laser hair removal is right for you.

San Diego Laser Hair
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