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Other Hair Removal Areas for Women

Other Hair Removal Areas for Women


Different women have different areas of hair growth, depending on ethnic background, genetics, and ancestry. One of the most attractive aspects of laser hair removal is that it can easily be applied to almost any area where the appearance of hair is undesired.

Here are some of the other areas that women often have treated:


The wide, broad areas of the buttocks can be treated (as well as the peri-rectal areas) for hygiene or appearance.


Even young women frequently have coarse hair around the nipple which they would like to eliminate. Sometimes birth control pills, pregnancy or hormone replacement therapy exacerbates this problem.

In most cases, laser hair removal is a far superior solution than plucking, shaving, or waxing these regions and does not require the constant, recurrent maintenance.

Abdominal area

Hair in the region between the belly button and the pubis (or "happy trail") can easily be eliminated. Also, undesired hair on the front or sides of the abdomen can be treated.

Hands and fingers

Thick, dark hair occasionally arises in the regions between the knuckles of the fingers, on the back or the sides of the wrist, and this is easily rectified with laser hair treatment.


Hair on the top of the shoulders, behind the shoulders, or extending down the arm to the region overlying the deltoid is not infrequent. This area is well suited for laser hair removal.

Consult a qualified San Diego doctor to find out if laser hair removal is right for you.

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